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Cleaning business owner for 8 years, mom to two boys and wife of 9 years to Dustin Shambaugh

I am a mom of two boys. Before kids I worked 5 days a week cleaning residential homes. I used all the strong cleaning products because I thought that was the only way to properly clean. I was also sick all the time, headaches, colds, sinus infections and just flat out tired and could not figure out why. During my pregnancies I started to look at the products I was using in my home and others homes and thought it was probably not the safest options as it made me feel horrible. That was just the start of my wellness journey almost 6 years ago. A few years later I discovered the power of essential oils and how they support our body systems.  I immediately fell in love, I use essential oils daily to support my emotions, hormones, sleep and manny more ways.  My goal and passion is to help those discovery easy, affordable non toxic ways to better their health journey. One of the easiest ways for me was to make the switch to Yong Livings theives house hold cleaner. It’s way more affable then the other products out there and it replaces all the cleaners with it being so versatile.  If you are looking for some support in these area’s I know lots when it comes to cleaning. I have had my. Own cleaning business for 8 years. It does not need to be an overwhelming thing.  Let me help guide you to some better options for our family and your home.

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